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PAG UR-URAYAN ITI PANAG-APIT 2017 – (Hugas Kalawang).

08.11.2017 – Hosted by Brgy. Balbaloto with Cluster Brgy. : Bangar, Balbaloto, San Agustin & Bantog.
08.15.2017 – Hosted by Brgy. Palacpalac with Cluster Brgy. : Cruz, Balayang, and Batangbatang.

08.18.2017 – Hosted by Brgy. Calibungan with Cluster Brgy. : Canarem Masalasa and Mangolago.
08.22.2017 – Hosted by Brgy. Cabuluan with Cluster Brgy. : San Jacinto and Lalapac
08.29.2017 – Held at Bulwagan ng Kalayaan (Poblacion Area) Brgy: Sta Lucia, San Fernando, San Gavino, Sta. Barbara, San Vicente and Brgy San Nicolas.
08.31.2017 – Hosted by Brgy San Andres with Cluster Brgy. : San Francisco, Baculong, Maluid and Brgy Bulo.

-(Hugas Kalawang) A Local farm tradition brought to life and is the brainchild of Vice Mayor Jeni Guiam & now being continued by Mayor Marvin Silao & the Local Government of Victoria. It is a way of giving thanks and recognition to our farmers who prepare the fields for rice planting, “HUGAS KALAWANG” which literally means washing off of the rust from farming tools and garments of farmers and rice planters.
As a way of offering for a bountiful harvest, the farmer “cleanses” his whole self at the end of his field work. The Local Government of Victoria brings something back to our hardworking farmers by throwing out a small gathering for the community….

Thank you Mayor Marvin Silao VM Jeni Guiam, & SB Members, Governor Susan Yap & SP members, Cong. Victor Yap.

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