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The Barangay of San Vicente was named in honor of Don Vicente Rigor who was the Gobernadorcillo of the town in 1898. it is bounded in the east by the barrio of Canarem, in the north of San Agustin, by San Nicolas in the west and by Sta. Barbara in the south.
The first families to have settled in San Vicente were those of Don Ciriaco Gelacio, Francisco Rigor, Feliciano Inigo, Macario Patricio and Alejandro Briones. The inhabitants are Ilocanos. Most of the people are Aglipayans, the prominent men in the barrio Ciriaco Gelacio and Feliciano Inigo.
The first Teniente del Barrio were Juan Briones, Agripino Sagun, Patricio Briones and Pio Rigor. Because of the nearness of San Vicente to the Canarem Lake, some of the family heads indulged in fishing and farming is a prominent source of the people.


One of the Barangays in Victoria that is thickly populated, Barangay San Vicente marked a total population reaching up to 2,136 individuals or roughly 475 households in 2014 municipal population office estimates. A total of 190.55 hectares comprise the territory of San Vicente.


Barangay Chairman RAMIL S. VILLA AGUSTIN
Land Area 190. 55 Ha.
Population as of 2016*

*(PSA Projected population as of 2016)

2, 127
# of House-holds (HH) as of 2016*

*(Projected # of HH based on 2016 PSA)

General Source of HH Income 91 HH heads engage with farming and agricultural activities; 152 HH depend on contractual wages; 43 HH are regularly supported with the head’s salary; others are family businesses (16 household heads).
# of HH Engaged in Farming/ Agricultural Activities 91
# of HH Heads Undergone Livelihood Training 379

General source of income is farming with some 91 households engaged in crop production, some 152 contractual workers and 43 regularly supported by their salaries.
Employment in San Vicente is fairly high with some 236 self-employed household heads, 34 professionally employed household heads while some 27 heads consider themselves as unemployed.

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