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Barangay San Andres


ounded in 1892 the instance of Don Jacinto Velasco, Anacleto Quijano and Simeon Valdez it renamed in honor of Don Andres Rigor, one of the “Governadorcillo” of the home town.


On the way to San Andres is a relatively vast land (with a total area of 524.42 hectares) of rice fields as if boasting its prime source of productivity, with almost 307 households out of 436, engaging with crop production, mainly palay. Other agricultural activities prevalent in the Barangay are livestock production (60 households), fish production and agricultural services.
Reaching up to 2,340 residents as of 2014, or 520 households, there are at least 307 families engaging with agricultural or farming activities. The use of mixed chemical/inorganic pest control and fertilizer is prevalent in the Barangay, wherein around 88 farmers utilize such practice.


Barangay ChairmanPHILIP B. VALDEZ
Land Area524. 42 Ha.
Population as of 2016*

*(PSA Projected population as of 2016)

# of House-holds (HH) as of 2016*

*(Projected # of HH based on 2016 PSA)

General Source of HH Income307 HH engage with farming / agricultural activities; 36 HH depend on regular salaries of their family heads; and 44 household heads relying on seasonal wages from contractual jobs.
# of HH Engaged in Farming/ Agricultural Activities307 HH
# of HH Heads Undergone Livelihood Training186

Employment rate in the Barangay is relatively high, wherein only 18 household heads admitted that they rarely find a regular job, while 240 household heads are self-employed (primarily on their own family farming activities), and 39 regularly employed household heads. With these figures, 44 households depend on contractual wages, 36 depend on regular salaries, while others rely on self-employment and production. 211 household heads have not yet gone livelihood training.

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