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Barangay Bantog


During the last part of eighteen century, a group of adventurous Ilocano families from Candon, Ilocos Sur, headed by Apo Paulino Valdez and Apo Mauricio, thought of leaving their homes and look for new settle, develop and cultivate in far south. Equipped with strong determination, perseverance and industry, these adventurous families started out and in search for new land and wearisome journey, they finally set foot on a place about seven kilometers north of the barrio of Canarum (Now the town of Victoria), which since the beginning they called “Bantog”. The word “Bantog” is an Ilocano dialect which means “high”. The new settlers built their houses, work hard to clear their new settlements, cultivated their newly opened lands; and raised their crops of rice, camotes, and corns. The slowly but gradually expand their lands. Little by little improved even able to support more settlers, who helped them further in the development of settlement.
But these progressive trends, happiness and contentment did not last long. In the early part of the nineteen century a big flood occurred. The Tarlac and Guimba rivers overflowed their banks and poured their voluminous water to this place and washed away most of the fertile soils of the people’s land s killed and drowned many of their work and domestic animals and plants, as well as human lives. After this calamity, the place left prostrate, desolate and low. But undaunted and high in spirit, the people began a new founders of the barrio are still living there at present. Most of them transferred Mindanao and Mindoro to look for wider and better lands.


Nearly inscribed within the territory of Victoria’s Northern neighboring town, Pura, Barangay Bantog continually gains some of the Municipal priority projects under Chairman Alan B. Ocampo. Bantog with a land area of about 493.94 hectares generally is an agricultural community.


Barangay ChairmanALAN B. OCAMPO
Land Area493.94 Ha.
Population as of 2016*

*(PSA Projected population as of 2016)

# of House-holds (HH) as of 2016*

*(Projected # of HH based on 2016 PSA)

General Source of HH Income355 HH generally engaged in farming/ agricultural activities; 16 HH are highly dependent on their contractual wages; 16 HH rely on their salaries from regular employment.
# of HH Engaged in Farming/ Agricultural Activities355
# of HH Heads Undergone Livelihood Training447 HH heads

A large portion of the area in Bantog is highly engaged with agricultural or farming activities. There are at least 362 farmers/ agriculture-related works in the Barangay who admittedly reported that farming is their main source of income. 192 household heads are engaged with crop production, while a figure of around 52 households engage with agricultural service.
Chemically-produced fertilizers and pest controls are prevalent in the area with some 303 farmers using the said technique.
On employment, there are at least 361 self-employed household heads, 21 unemployed and 39 regularly employed with salaries. Only 42 consider their source of income as coming salaries in a regular basis. With these figures however, it was noted that around 447 household heads have undergone livelihood training spearheaded by the local government unit..

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