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Barangay Masalasa


A former Sitio of Barangay Calibungan, Masalasa was declared a separate Barrio of the town in 1859, thru an Executive Order issued by President Magsaysay. The name “MASALASA” came from the names of the three nieces of Saturnino Delos Santos, founder of the settlement. The names of the nieces were MAria – TomaSA – NicoLASA, giving way to “MA SA LASA”. The gateway to Nueva Ecija,


ocated Eastern-most part of the town with Guimba as its nearest neighboring town is Barangay Masalasa. The area of the Barangay covering a total of 506.76 hectares is actively tilled for crop production with palay being the major produce. In 2014, Barangay Masalasa recorded a total population of about 1,614 people.


Barangay ChairmanRONALD M. GARCIA
Land Area506. 76 Ha.
Population as of 2016*

*(PSA Projected population as of 2016)

1, 710
# of House-holds (HH) as of 2016*

*(Projected # of HH based on 2016 PSA)

General Source of HH Income234 HH engaged in farming/ agricultural activities; 46 HH rely on their contractual wages; 15 depend on their regular salaries.
# of HH Engaged in Farming/ Agricultural Activities363
# of HH Heads Undergone Livelihood TrainingOnly 24 HH heads have undergone the program while 298 HH heads don’t know about the training.

Masalasa, in line with other Barangays in Victoria is actively engaged with agricultural and farming activities, with roughly 363 households depending on the profits out of their lands and livestock production: 151 farmers engage with crop production, with palay being the major crop produced; 74 households engaged in small-scale livestock production; and, 55 households engage with agricultural services.
While majority of the people are engage with palay production, some 46 households depend on their contractual wages, while 15 household heads rely on their regular salaries.

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