Private and Parochial Schools

Makabulos Memorial High School

Name of School: Makabulos Memorial High School

Head of School: Jaime Amadeo A. Pascual

School Address: san Fernando Victoria, Tarlac


Rosebelle Academy of Tarlac

Name of School: Rosebelle Academy of Tarlac, Inc.

Head of School:

School Address: Baculong Victoria, Tarlac


Rosebell Academy 1
Rosebell Academy 2
Rosebell Academy 3
Rosebell Academy 4
Rosebell Academy 5

Victoria Catholic School

Name of School: Victoria Catholic School

Head of School:

School Address: Sta. Lucia Victoria, Tarlac


Victoria United Methodist Learning Center

Name of School: Victoria United Methodist Christian School, Inc.

Head of School:

School Address: san Nicolas Victoria, Tarlac